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Timber list FOR hull, deck, bulkheads building stocks.

The list below is for construction of all woodwork excluding interior joinery and rudder.

It covers building stocks, bulkheads, hull framing, hull skin, deck framing and deck skin.

Allowance has been made for reasonable wastage and scarphing.

Chipboard (for setting out bulkheads if building from offsets) 1,83x2,74m 16mm 6'x9'x5/8" - 2 sheets.

Marine plywood 1,22x2,44m 4'x8' 6mm 1/4" - 10 sheets 9mm 3/8" - 10 sheets 12mm 1/2" - 30 sheets, pINE or similar (for building stocks etc) 38x152mm 1 1/2"x6" (rails) - 26m 92' 50x75mm 2"x3" (bulkhead legs) - 30m 108' 100x100mm.

Cedar or similar, selected, free of knots, shakes fractures etc 20x20mm 3/4"x3/4" Triangular fillet (structural cleats) - 25m 82' 22x22mm 7/8"x7/8" (hatch trimmers) - 3m 10' 22x32mm 7/8"x1 1/4" (tangent stringers) - 40m 131' 22x44mm 7/8"x1 3/4" (stringers, cabintop beams) - 135m.

Mahogany or similar, selected, free of knots, shakes fractures etc 15x150mm 5/8"x6" (keelson) - 4m 13' 32x32mm 1 1/4"x1 1/4" (cleats for backbone and sheer clamps) - 7m 23' 32x220mm 1 1/4"x8 21/32" (backbone) - 10m 33' 38x76mm 1 1/2"x3".

Steel list lead FOR ballast keel.

This list shows the steel materials required to construct the ballast keel.

Sizes are the rectangles from which the profiles will be cut so no allowance need be made for wastage except for temporary braces as may be needed during construction.

3mm 1/8" Plate 450x1600mm 18"x63" - 2 150x1000mm 6"x40" - 2 4mm 5/32" Plate 800x1250mm 32"x50" - 2 6mm 1/4" Plate 400x1550mm 16"x61" - 1 410x600mm 16 1/2"x24" - 1 10mm 3/8" Plate 100x650mm 4"x26" - 1 170x900mm 7"x36".

Lead poured into keel - 960kg 2116lb home : overview : designs : articles : email OUR contact details Click here to contact us by whatever method suits you.

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